A journey towards a waste-free living


Step 1. Become aware of what you throw out. Once you know where…


Founded by Simone Engelen, a young photographer and yoga teacher trying to make the world a little better.

With a chewing gum in my mouth I travel from north to south.
When it loses its chewiness I throw it out, not giving it a second thought, until it gets stuck underneath my shoe.

This was a year ago. and if I check my shoe there are still bits and pieces of gum underneath that I can’t get out. The trash I made literally got stuck to me. When fiddling at the last pieces of gum underneath my converse sneakers my mind wanders. Only because it got stuck underneath my own shoe I realize there is no ‘away’.

We’re supposed to be the new future, do things differently and I’m ashamed that it became so normal for me to act this way. Even if someone would clean up after me this trash goes somewhere, it becomes landfill. In China I walked on one of the biggest landfills in the world, the flies never leaving my face. The smell was unbearable. Everywhere I looked more trash was piled up. It was at this moment that I made a decision: I will start living like I actually care about the environment.

It still took me years to find a way that I felt was truly helpful. The solution was easy: I just had to start with myself. Become conscious of what I throw away. Can i do without this? Can I reuse this item? Can I recycle it? I started asking these questions every time before buying something. It became a game. Can I order a coffee to go in my own mug? Can I get that yummy cookie without a wrapper? Can I go TRASH ZERO? I hope it inspires you to change your lifestyle and daily practice too, so we can work towards a sustainable cycle in which all discarded materials get new purpose.